MOS IU-2081 UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone

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MOS IU-2081 UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone


IU-2081 For a new generation digital wireless microphone, using digital modulation and high performance audio ADC and DAC, with very low latency audio encoder, implements the high fidelity audio transmission. Equipped with simple circuit, stable working features. Cover UHF band, can transmit a stable audio carrier signal over 60meter visual range, encryption transmission decoding circuit, Can completely shielding radio frequency interference from the outside. Highly cost-effective models, provide much more selective for all the user in the field of wireless audio transmission.


1.Using UHF band, PLL phase lock circuit, stable characteristics, low harmonic radiation.

2.Digital modulation, 32of encryption word audio transmission

3.Antenna diversity reception: reduce the phenomenon of communication effectively.

4.Simple circuit structure, stable characteristics.

5.The maximum transmission power 30mW(depending on the region)

6.Audio max input 2Vpp, audio the max output 1Vpp

7.Double antenna diversity, antenna auto selected circuit

8.8-band audio EQ effect processor

9.Prevent screaming processing circuit

10.Low delay digital audio circuit (less than 3ms)

Equipped audio AGC amplitude limiting processing circuit

11.Falt frequency response of 50Hz-16KHz response range.

IU-2081 Receiver

Receiving Channel:Dual channel

Carrier Wave Frequency Range:500-980MHz,Depending on the region

Oscillation Mode:PLL phase-locked frequency synthesizer

RF tuning step:Digital  modulation

Radio-Frequency sensitivity:input 6dBμV,S/N>80dB

Working Range:Straight line distance 80 meters, Note: the actual range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection and interference.

Antenna process:双天线分集,天线自动选择。

Sound effect process:ADC和DAC高性能音频模块,内置8段均衡,防啸叫处理器

Comprehensive T.H.D:<0.5% @ 1KHz

Transmit bandwidth:300KHz

Dimension (mm):410(L) x 43(H) x 170(D)


standard transmitter:IA-06,IB-07

IA-06 Wireless Hand-held Microphone

Oscillation Mode:PLL phase-locked frequency synthesizer

Carrier Wave Frequency range:500-980MHz,Depending on the region

Cartridge gain:fixed gain

Transmit power:13dB

Current drain:Standard<130mA


Cartridge type:Moule dynamic cardioid cartridge

IB-07 Body-pack transmitter

Oscillation Mode:PLL phase-locked frequency synthesizer

Carrier Wave Frequency range:470-932MHz,Depending on the region

Cartridge gain:fixed gain

Transmit power:10mW

Current drain:Standard<130mA


Cartridge type:Cardioid condenser cartridge



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