MOS IU-2071 UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone

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IU-2071 Dual Channel UHF band quartz crystal locked models, using classic double-conversion superheterodyne circuit design, anti-interference ability, stable characteristics. There is standard semi-U chassis design, with the rack mount kit. IU-2071 with USB charging output interface to provide charging IA-07 handheld transmitter power supply, mature circuit, long service life. The front panel has a simple and practical RF and AF signal strength indicator. Easy to install,long receive distance.


1 ﹑ Using UHF band, quartz crystal locked models.

2 ﹑ SMT surface mount components.

3 ﹑ Streamlined two half U and 1U chassis design.

4 ﹑ Equipped with balanced and unbalanced output

5,   Simple circuit structure,  stable characteristics

6 ﹑ Narrowband frequency filter, fully filtered noise interference

7 ﹑ Audio automatic limiter control circuit, to avoid excessive distortion

8 ﹑ Dynamic expansion of the circuit, the S/N ratio > 90dB

9,  Design multiple sets of compatible frequency, which can be use at the same time.

10 ﹑Transmitter LED status indicator and low battery

11, The maximum transmission power 30mW (depending on region)

12, The transmitter current consumption is less than 80mA



Receiving channel:Dual Channel

Carrier wave frequency range:470-932MHz, depending on the region

Oscillation mode:Quartz crystal oscillation

Modulation mode:FM modulation

Radio - frequency sensitivity:input 6dBμV,S/N>80dB

working range:Straight line distance 60 meters. Note: The actual range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection and interference.

Mute control mode:Noise lock

Combined frequency response:50Hz-18KHz(±3dB)

comprehensive T.H.D.:<0.5% @ 1KHz

Panel display:LED

Dimension (mm):205(L) x 45(H) x 148(D)


standard transmitter:IA-07,IA-08,IB-07



Oscillation mode:Quartz crystal oscillation

Radio - frequency sensitivity:depending on the region

Pickup gain:Fixed gain

Transmitter power:Maximum 30mW depending on the region

Current drain:Standard<100mA




Oscillation mode:Quartz crystal oscillation

Radio - frequency sensitivity:Depending on the region

Pickup gain:Adjustable gain

Transmitter power:Maximum 30mW depending on the region

Current drain:Standard<100mA


Pickup type:Condenser cardioid polar pattern capsule

Pickup type:Module dynamic cardioid sound head


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