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LED n  Video Dance-floor


LED n Video Dance-floor

LED n Video Dance floor and Interactive Displays for Sale or Hire   Music on stage highly recommends the use of best of breed display screens. Music On Stage believes that the use of such advanced technological LED display screens & LED...
P10 Indoor LED modular screen

P10 Indoor LED modular screen

10mm pitch LED screen module. Each 640mm x 640mm module hads 10,000 RGB LEDs and is designed be clipped together to produce screens of any size.   The pictured screen is 5 modules and is 3.2m long and 0.64m high.   P10 screens are best viewed...
Samsung DM55E Full HD Video Wall Display


Samsung DM55E Full HD Video Wall Display

Professional-grade digital signage that reliably delivers rich content 24/7 with MagicInfo solution. Durable and extended 24/7 usage for continuous high performance with clear visibility All-in-one display solution with embedded MagicInfo...
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