Pangolin FB4-QSENC ILDA And DMX Interface With Quickshow

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Pangolin FB4-QSENC ILDA And DMX Interface With Quickshow

Pangolin FB4-QSENC

The Pangolin FB4-QSENC is a premium ILDA laser control interface with everything you need to create amazing shows. Unlike regular ILDA interfaces the FB4-QSENC features a completely stand alone operation with DMX, Artnet, and CTIP connectivity for effortless control. Designed to give lighting designers the ultimate freedom to create, customise, and play amazing shows!

This powerful laser interface comes built into a robust metal housing and includes 5-pin DMX connectivity, ILDA output, EtherCON, and main FB4 board with an additional Ethernet connector. The high-res OLED screen makes it easy to monitor the functions of the interface, and features a ‘1 button’ control for menu navigation and operation.

This is the ultimate interface for any laser projectionist or enthusiast wanting to push the limits of their shows. And is fully compatible with both Quickshow (supplied) and Beyond laser software.


  • Full Network Control
  • Standalone SD card memory (auto-show playback)
  • ILDA and DMX control boards increased connectivity and control
  • Full colour OLED display
  • Supports DMX, ArtNet, ILDA, OSC and CITP (coming soon)
  • Support for up to 120K scan speeds
  • Support for 6-colour channels
  • Improved high definition laser output, with interpolation
  • Ability to control of more lasers from a single work station via Ethernet hub
  • Built into a robust metal housing
  • Includes Quickshow laser software with over 2000 presets

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