Sparkular- Professional edition

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Sparkular- Professional edition One of the most exciting features of this new technology is flexibility to create effects that were once impossible. SPARKULAR is controlled by a state-of-the art console which allows the designer to independently control the, HEIGHT, TIMING, DURATION and SEQUENCE of each machine. Easy set up. Standard DMX port, compatible with other stage effects machine, allows for an easy set up and tear down process. Real safe. Traditional effects burn at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, and cannot be stopped once they have been started. SPARKULAR is so cool that we test with A4 printing paper it won't burn in 1min. and it can be stopped at anytime. Specification: Indoor / Outdoor usage; Safe, no gunpowder; No pyro smell; Environmental friendly; Up to 10-20min of shoot time after fill up; Height - adjustable from 1.5 - 5m; Easy set up multiple locations; Flexible for rehearsal; DMX control, strong controllability; Non-hazardous chemicals, shipment for powder.


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