Alesis Harmony 32 Key Portable Keyboard with Built-In Speakers

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Alesis Harmony 32 Key Portable Keyboard with Built-In Speakers

The Alesis Harmony 32 is a portable 32-key portable keyboard with built-in speakers. It offers 32x mini piano-style keys and includes 300x built-in tones. You also have 300x built-in rhythms and you can play along with 40x demo songs or record your own.

The assortment of tones consists of a traditional piano and orchestral instruments but also guitars, drums and sound effects. The built-in speakers will project every note clearly whether practising quietly or performing at home. It also allows you to connect your favourite set of headphones while playing. Furthermore, you can power the Harmony 32 with 4x AA Cell Batteries.

Melodics (Over 40 Free Interactive Lessons)

Melodics is a fantastic way of learning and building up your confidence level. Just download Melodics to your desktop or tablet and access a huge lesson library. So it’s a great way to build your skills whilst having fun. With Harmony 32 you can learn with instant feedback, playing great-sounding music from modern genres. Over 40 free interactive lessons are available.

Skoove Premium (3-Months Free)

Skoove is a fast way to learn piano. Harmony 32 ships with 3-months of Skoove Premium. Skoove features an in-depth online piano course that adapts to your skill level. You can develop your skills on your own time and at your own pace. The curated catalogue is filled with everything from current chart hits to classical music. Skoove also one-on-one support from an experienced team of musicians to answer any of your questions. A variety of exclusive lessons are added every month. This means that you can keep expanding your music theory with the latest tips and tricks.

TakeLessons | Live (2-Months Free with Harmony 32)

Harmony 32 also includes a 2-month subscription to TakeLessons Live. This live video lesson series is possible from America’s largest lessons company. With expert teachers on hand, you will learn even faster than ever with live classes. You can even raise your hand and ask questions. With hundreds of classes each month it allows you to interact with other class members, and have fun.


  • 32 mini piano-style keys with built-in speakers
  • 300 built-in tones
  • Accompaniment mode with 300 built-in rhythms
  • Play along with 40 demo songs or record your own
  • 1⁄8” headphone jack mutes speakers for private practice
  • USB-MIDI connection for power and/or use with educational software
  • Optional Battery Power via 4 AA Cell Batteries (not included)
    • Harmony 32
    • USB Cable
    • Software Download Card
    • User Guide
    • Safety & Warranty Manual


    • 000–007 Piano
    • 008–015 Mallet
    • 016–023 Organ
    • 024–031 Guitar
    • 032–039 Bass
    • 040–047 Strings
    • 048–055 String Ensemble
    • 056–063 Brass
    • 064–071 Clarinet
    • 072–079 Flute
    • 080–087 Lead
    • 088–095 Pads
    • 096–103 FX
    • 104–111 Ethnic
    • 112–119 Percussion
    • 120–128 Pads
    • 129–133 Synth Percussion
    • 134–143 Synth Organ
    • 144–159 Synth Guitar
    • 160–199 Synth Orchestra
    • 200–219 Synth Brass
    • 220–239 Synth Reeds
    • 240–245 Synth Electronic
    • 246–299 Synth World


    • 000–052 Pop/Dance
    • 128–163 Soul/R&B
    • 243–299 Ballad
    • 053–062 Jazz
    • 164–179 Rock
    • 063–118 Latin/World
    • 180–228 Swing/Bossa
    • 119–127 Waltz
    • 229–242 Country/Western


    Technical Specifications

    Power: USB or 4 AA batteries (not included)

    Dimensions (width x depth x height): 55.9 x 16.5 x 6.4 cm

    Weight: 1.08 kg


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Additional Info

1.00 KGS

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