Alesis M1 MK3 Pair Studio Monitors 5 Inch

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Alesis M1 MK3 Pair Studio Monitors 5 Inch


Alesis M1 MK3 Pair

The Alesis M1 Active MK3 Pair is the latest generate of the best-selling M1 monitors. Perfect for almost any situation it features advancements in studio monitor technology that bring the Alesis M1 series to a whole new level of legendary unmatched professional sound.

Modern Aesthetics               

The M1 Active MK3 studio monitor utilizes a beautiful new 5-inch aluminum woofer that is lighter and stiffer than typical carbon-fiber, paper or glass-Aramid woofers, giving the MK3 an even faster transient attack and more linear response through the bass and midrange. Additionally, a precision-designed waveguide provides high-frequency dispersion in a well-controlled, predictable pattern. This ensures a widened listening “sweet spot”—even well to the side (“off axis”) of the speaker—while at the same time preventing random scattering of the sound. The smoothly radiused “aerodynamic” cabinet edge prevents objectionably-audible artifacts from edge diffraction and the flared front-firing bass ports eliminate distracting port turbulence from the speaker’s bass output

Pristine Clarity                 

With M1 Active MK3 studio monitors, you can listen, mix, and create with complete confidence that you’ll get the most accurate sound. The M1 Active MK3 monitors feature a wide frequency response (from 55-22 kHz, ±3dB), so you can hear all the music with the lifelike realism demanded by today’s music. The M1 Active MK3 also features a Class A/B 40-watt LF amplifier/25-watt HF amplifier for smooth, “gutsy” performance and generous headroom compared to ordinary “digital” amplifiers. Additionally, the balanced XLR+1/4” combo input allows for complete hookup flexibility for all of your favorite studio equipment.

  • 65W (40 LF, 25 HF) Bi-amplified design for powerful, accurate sound
  • 5” aluminum low-frequency driver; 1” silk dome tweeter
  • New computer-optimized tweeter waveguide for precise imaging
  • Optimized front-firing ports for extended low-frequency response
  • Balanced XLR+1/4” combo input for complete hookup flexibility
  • Ultra-wide 45-22kHz frequency response covers full musical spectrum


Powered: Yes

Power Configuration: Bi-amped

LF Driver Size: 1 x 5″ woofer

LF Driver Type: Aluminum cone

HF Driver Size: 1″ tweeter

HF Driver Type: Silk dome

LF Driver Power Amp: 40W

HF Driver Power Amp: 25W

Total Power: 65W

Frequency Response: 45Hz-22kHz (±3 dB)

Input Types: 1 x XLR-1/4″ combo

Enclosure Type: Front Ported


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