Wireless Headset x2 & Microphone x2 Cordless 4 Channel UHF Microphone Kit. MIC98

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Wireless Headset x2 & Microphone x2 Cordless 4 Channel UHF Microphone Kit. MIC98 To know how good these mic sets are, we often receive raving reviews from sound professionals who compare these mics to other well known reputable brands (VERY reputable brands!). The clarity, distance and latency is second to none. Try them out yourself with our guarantee! This is a listing for a Headset (x2) and Cordless Microphone (x2) Pack in Hard Case with Digital Display Receiver. Perfect for multiple speaker presentations with handsfree operation in situations where both hands are needed. This product is produced with 4 unique frequencies to avoid interference between microphones. Wireless range up to 70m without interference. Complies with new ACMA spectrum requirements. Simply plug and play! NOTE: In situations where you require 4 people to be wearing headsets, we have individual headset/bodypack transmitters available, please contact us to purchase. You will need to specify which frequency you want to replace. (For eg. one of the two handheld microphones - or both) Suits High Quality Pro Audio Amplifiers or Mixers for rich sound. Details: •4 Channel Wireless Professional Microphone System •Range: up to 70M •Mics are Battery Operated (batteries included) •Comes Complete with Plastic Hard Carry Case •Input Voltage: 12V DC 600 mAh •Power: 7W Item Includes: •2 x Headset Microphones •2 x Handheld Microphone •2 x Bodypack Transmitters •1 x Digital Display Receiver with 2 antennas •1 x Power Supply •1 x 6.35mm Line out cable •4 x AA Batteries •1 x Hard Carry Case •1 x Instruction Manual Frequencies: •520.1 MHz (Handheld microphone) •525.1 MHz (Handheld microphone) •685.9 MHz (Headset) •676.7 MHz (Headset) *Note: If you intend on using this system with 4 Headsets, you would simply need to purchase 2 x extra Headsets from our store ($60 each) and replace the 2 x Handset= frequencies (520.1MHz & 525.1 MHz). Click here Technical Specs: Transmitter (Bodypack): •Frequency Response: UHF500-700MHz •Stability: <0.002% •RF Power Output 30mW •Current Loss: 80dB •Image rejection: >80dB •SNR: >90dB •AF Output: 0-300mV •Receiving channel: 4 channel •Power: DC12V-18V •Power consumption 7W Complies with 2015 ACMA Spectrum requirements Suitable for:Gyms, Presentations, Auction, Speaker Notes, Schools, Churches, Clubs, Pubs or even Karaoke!


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