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ScrimBox-1m Brightlight Trussing Scrim 1metre ScrimBox-1m Brightlight Trussing Scrim 1metre Create spectacular fabric columns from conventional 12" square box truss, with this amazing Scrim from Brightlight. Covering the truss allows it to blend into the background providing a cleaner look while hiding unsightly cables. Additionally, uplighting a truss with a Brightlight Scrim creates a unique colored, elegant totem for any occasion creating additional drama and excitement for your guests. Brighlight Scrims are hand washable avoiding the expense of dry cleaning if they become dirty. Fits: TRUSST® CT-290 series, Global Truss® F14-SQ series, and standard 12" box truss Color: White Length: 1.0 m Weight: 0.2 kg Fabric truss sleeve designed to fit 1m standard 12" box truss including TRUSST Scrim is made of strong Inherently Flame Resistant (IFR) stretch fabric for long term durability Can be washed without needing to be retreated with a fire retardant chemical All seams are double stitched for extra strength Additional elastic is sewn into the ends to prevent slippage once installed on the truss Convenient carry bag included helps make transportation a breeze


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