AVE VOX-Drum Drum Microphone Pack

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AVE VOX-Drum Drum Microphone Pack The AVE Vox-Drum is a complete 7-piece drum microphone set for live and recording purposes. The kit comes complete with pencil condensers for clear crash and ride pick-up, clip on dynamic microphones for punchy snare and toms, and a larger diaphragm microphone for the kick drum. Utilising the high quality microphones allows you to capture the true sound of your kit giving you the best sound possible without spending a small fortune. Specifications 2 x Vox-856 pencil condensers 4 x Vox-852 Mid/High dynamic Microphones 1 x Vox-881 Low range kick drum microphone 5 x Clams 2 x Microphone clips Professional carry case with cut-out foam insert All mounting hardware included Easy to assemble and use Technical Information Polar Pattern: (Vox B81) Cardioid (Vox B52) Cardioid (Vox B56) Cardioid Sensitivity: (Vox B81) -60dB ± 2dB (Vox B52) -55dB ± 2dB (Vox B56) -45dB ± 2dB Frequency Response: (Vox B81) 20Hz – 15kHz (Vox B52) 30Hz – 15kHz (Vox B56) 20Hz – 20kHz Output Impedance: (Vox B81) 60 Ohms (Vox B52) 500 Ohms ± 30% (Vox B56) 200 Ohms ± 30% MAX SPL: (Vox B81) 138dB (Vox B52) 141dB (Vox B56) 136dB


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