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Power Dynamics RC100B Record Case

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Power Dynamics RC100B

The Power Dynamics RC100B is a convenient way to store and transport your vinyl collection. This sleek silver record case is capable of holding up to 100x 12″ size vinyl records/LPs. The case also features a foam-lined interior compartment for added protection against scuffs and scratches. A dedicated vinyl case featuring a fully detachable lid for ease of use. Searching through your collection while your records remain safe is easy with the design of the RC100B vinyl case, and the lockable latches ensure your specially curated collection will remain safe.

There’s no denying that vinyl records require a great deal of care and attention to maintain in great condition. If you want your music maintenance free, vinyl probably isn’t the format for you. To properly maintain a record collection you’ll need to understand how to store your vinyl records to prevent deterioration or damage, you’ll need to perform some routine cleaning from time-to-time, and, you’ll need to get a grip on some basic turntable setup and maintenance tasks. Keeping your collection in a vinyl case when on the road is a sure fire way to make this process easier for you.

With vinyl being such a fragile medium, your collection should always be stored in a cool, dry place, where they are standing up vertically. If your stacking records on top of one another, you’ll run a high risk of warping your vinyl. If your records are warped, they will never sound right again, and you can’t fix it. Having them cased is paramount when on the road.

Power Dynamics engineered the RC100B vinyl case with DJs, audiophiles and vinyl enthusiast in mind. Featuring four bottom feet that allow the cases to be easily stacked, and a soft-grip handle for easy transportation of the case, the RC100B is perfect for gigs and events.


  • Black finish
  • Foam lined for added protection
  • 2 Lockable latches
  • Soft-grip handle
  • Holds up to 100x 12″ Vinyl Records/LP Singles
  • Rubber feet
  • Stackable design
  • Fully removable lid


Dimensions:Internal 270 x 330 x 330mm

Fits: Up to 100 LP Singles

Material thickness 5mm

Dimensions 310 x 350 x 390mm

Weight 3.1 kg


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