Denon SM50 Studio Monitor 5 Inch

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Denon SM50 Studio Monitor 5 Inch The Denon SM50 is a powered 5″ studio reference monitor designed to deliver the sound your home studio or DJ setup needs. The Denon DJ SM50 monitor easily handles any task with its powerful 90-watt bi-amplified system. Driving a potent, long-excursion 5 ¼-inch woofer and smooth 1-inch silk dome tweeter. Also features is a unique ‘proximity control’, which gives you the ability to fine-tune the speaker in a range of different environments. It also features HF Trim, MF Boost, and LF Cutoff controls, which enables you to dial in the perfect sound in any acoustic setting. The SM50 includes XLR, balanced ¼-inch TRS, and RCA inputs for complete connection versatility. Great sound, connection versatility, precise tonal control—the SM50 has it all! Pure and accurate frequency response from 50Hz to 20kHz 90-Watt distributed Class A/B amplification provides ultra-efficient power with minimal distortion 5 ¼â€ Woofer with high-damping rubber surround 1″ Silk-dome tweeter Proximity Control for low-end tailoring HF Trim, MF Boost, and LF Cutoff controls allow you to mix in any environment Included monitor isolation pad dramatically decreases structure-borne resonances Integrated radio frequency protection plus magnetic shielding preserves signal purity Recessed amp mounting, external heat sink Output current limiter, over-temperature limiter, and subsonic filter Flared rear-firing bass port delivers low-frequency depth and definition Spec Type: Powered Studio Montior Power configuration: Bi-amplified Power Output: 90Watt Frequency range: 50 Hz to 20 kHz LF Driver size: 5.25″ (135mm) HF Driver size: 1″ (25mm) LF Driver amp: 50-Watt HF Driver amp: 40-Watt Input: XLR, balanced 1/4 inch (6.3mm), RCA Enclosure type: Ported Dimensions: 12.5″ x 10.1″ x 8″ Weight: 17.2 lbs


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