Bose ControlSpace ESP-880

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Bose ControlSpace ESP-880 The Bose® ControlSpace® ESP-880 engineered sound processor is an open-architecture DSP with 8x8 fixed analog audio, built-in 8-channel ESPLink output and a rear-panel digital expansion slot offering IP-based network audio and control card options. This model meets today's strict requirements for high-quality signal processing and control in a cost-effective package. The ESP-880 is designed for a wide variety of applications ranging from small self-contained projects to larger networked applications. Features High-quality analog circuitry offers both mic and line-level I/O, operates with ultra-low noise and 115 dB dynamic range Advanced digital signal processing supports audio at 48 kHz sample rate/24-bit, uses a floating-point open architecture DSP and operates at low latencies for sound system precision Expansion card slot supports the use of accessory networking cards, allowing digital audio to be sent and/or received from other compatible products Optional Dante™ network cards allow ESP processors to closely integrate with other product supporting Audinate®'s Dante audio networking solution Bose® ControlSpace® Designer™ software enables a large set of signal processing modules, such as automatic mic mixing, multiband graphic and parametric EQs, Bose loudspeaker libraries, signal generators, routers, mixers, AGCs, duckers, gates, compressors, source selectors and delays Front panel RJ-45 Ethernet connection enables localized configuration and monitoring, while enabling network passthrough when using a rear-panel network option card Built-in Bose ESPLink output sends up to 8 channels of uncompressed digital audio to ESPLink-equipped Bose PowerMatch® amplifiers A variety of control options – ControlSpace ESP products are compatible with the programmable Bose CC-64 and CC-16 controllers and three simplified zone volume interfaces, as well as potentiometers and switches built by other manufacturers Integration with industry-standard control systems using a comprehensive serial protocol through onboard RS-232 and Ethernet ports Applications Auditoriums Houses of worship Resorts and hospitality venues Retail stores Schools and universities Multi-purpose spaces Specs Technical Summary Signal Processor 32-bit fixed/floating-point DSP + ARM, 456 MHz Dynamic Range > 115 dB A-weighted 20 Hz – 20 kHz, analog through Input Channels 8 analog (balanced, mic/line level), 16 digital (via option card)


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